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“I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts; Like my ribs,my kidneys, my liver, my heart; Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me — like food or water,” was said by Ray Charles in his autobiographical book Brother Ray: Ray Charles’ Own Words.

For William Wiggins, his words resonate deep within him. Will known, as DJ Super WiLL, is a controllerist style DJ and Producer from the Midwest.

He started composing and producing as a hobby during high school. He began mixing music in 2010 for college parties; venturing into private events,bars and night clubs in 2011.

Now, DJ Super Will produces several Hip-Hop and R & B artists from the metro Detroit area. He is also involved with the film industry; producing scores for independent films.

He specializes in mixing, remixing and producing Hip-Hop, Dubstep and Elctro-House genres.

Motto: "Shake the world, and let them know, you are here!"

Please check out this bad ass track from a new friend L3V1ATH4N

We are continuing to feature a new podcast every week by our friend Slava Petrov!

"The Initial Stage” is a weekly radio show hosted by Russian DJ / producer Slava Petrov.

The official radio show featuring DJ/ producer Slava Petrov delivers music and fresh mixes in every one hour weekly program.

You can find all of his podcasts on iTunes!

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Previous Mixes

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